Farms don’t stop at the land.

The ocean is our field.
The fish are our crops.
The boats are our tractors.

We’re farmers, and this is our farm.
This is our home.

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This is our farm.

This is our home.

Just as a farmer respects the land, we respect the ocean. What we do is a calling, requiring long hours, hard work, and dedication to doing the right thing - for the ocean, for the fish, and for our communities.

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We live here too.

It’s not enough to just do the work - we want to give something back to the communities we call home. We want to make a living, to stay in the province, to be proud of the work we do. We want to help grow the future.

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A different kind of farmer

It’s a new way of looking at an old profession. We take the best principles of farming and combine them with the wisdom learned over generations on the ocean. It takes respect and dedication to do what we do. And it takes a different kind of farmer to do it right.

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